Our Team

At STA, our team advises on corporate and commercial law matters including company formations in Dubai and throughout the Middle East, property and construction related matters, and providing escrow related assistance and advice.

We have advised overseas and domestic clients on matters pertaining to cross border acquisitions, contentious shareholder disputes, company restructurings (including structuring the form in which new businesses should be operated and/or controlled, advising on complex shareholding structures, advising on company incorporation in Dubai and across the Middle East, and South East Asia) and advising on private equity/venture capital areas including strategizing over optimal deal structures, registration rights, put and call provisions, co-sale rights, drag along rights, etc.

. Our team members have significant experience in the area of matters relating to banking and finance law, cross border acquisitions, franchise and distribution, and litigation. Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah also advise on franchise law including UAE Commercial Agencies Law, franchise, distribution and area development contracts, structuring of franchise programs and litigation.

We have been involved in advising state government of India to review the law on information and technology. We do solicit inquiries pertaining to international e-commerce regulations, online payment mechanism(s)and regulatory approvals before the European Union and other south East Asian countries. In representative capacity, we have also advised the government of United Arab Emirates on corporate law matters. Our professional services have also been extended to some of the biggest turnkey projects in the Middle East and Asia.

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